Friday, May 10, 2013

A little introduction...

I like simple things and I like things that are not-so-simple, simplified. Especially when it comes to cooking and odd jobs around the house.
As many of you would know, I am addicted to house porn. I buy it by the bucket-load and I can never bring myself to throw any of the magazines away. Not only do I get to salivate over gorgeous homes with gorgeous decor and home-wares,  I also get to drool over the delicious recipes hidden towards the back. They are good. Really good. And simple.
I have been ripping countless of these recipes out of my magazines for years and collecting them in piles -piles of delicious meals just waiting to be flicked through and tasted. 

I have so many hard-working and busy friends who dread that time of the day where they need to think about what it is they’ll be putting on the table that night, and the following night and the one after that. It’s never-ending and coming up with new and healthy alternatives day-in, day-out wears thin almost immediately. Which is where Simple Sonia hopes to step in - shortlisting some fabulous recipes that have been tested by friends and family and have proven to be a success. 

But Simple Sonia won’t stop at recipes -there will be much, much more to pore over. My magazines have taught me well over the years and I can’t wait to share it all with you.

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